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May 24, 2018 at 08:34 PM

Is this an effect of flag "SQL AP with subset" in tx "RS2HANA_VIEW ?



please I'm not a BI expert , and I have a very strange situation.There is Delta bw extractor that if executed on system A returns 0 record, while executed on system B returns all the record expected. Both systems are B4HANA, with same Abap stack level and hana relese.

The same data record exist also on system A, but despite we redo several times all the transports and reactivated all the infoproviders, infoobjects and so on it continue to return 0 record

After some check we discovered that in tx RS2HANA_VIEW on system A was in place the flag "SQL AP with subset", that instead was missing on system B were the extractor works fine.

We removed the flag in system A, regenerated all the objects (the reports RS2HANA_AUTH_RUN and tx RS2HANA_CHECK are all green) but despite this the extractor continue to return 0 record.

More in general it seems all the othes extractors are not working too in Delta mode in system A.

The work just in Full mode.

This fact can be a conseguence of the flag "SQL AP with subset" that was in place ?

What must be done to fix it ?