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[BUG]"Unanswered questions" filter does not filter closed questions

Nov 07, 2016 at 09:15 PM


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When using "unanswered questions" filter the questions marked as "Closed" still appear on the list.

This seems to make no sense. Whether OP closes the question or marks the best answer both mean they don't need any further replies.

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Hi Jelena,

I totally agree with you. Thanks for raising it and sorry for getting back so late on this. Moshe has already reported this issue to IT. Regards,



Hi Jelena, I'm also not happy about the fact, that this (and many other) bug(s) still exist(s). However I can reassure that an IT-ticket was created for this when you reported it.
I didn't get back to you because, unfortunately, there was no update on this. With this one, because it didn't get prioritized - it didn't get processed. Again, I apologize for this bad experience and thank you for your contibution and for your patience. Regards Mynyna

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1 Answer

Jelena Perfiljeva
Jan 03 at 03:48 PM

Oh hi, Jelena! It's so nice of you to report this. I've noticed it's been over a year already. Wow, time flies...

Anyways, I thought of your post [yet again] when browsing recently as the closed questions still show up as "unanswered" in both Q&A list and in the profile under our questions. Really interesting case. It looks like "closed" is neither answered nor unanswered. Huh.

Well, I hope you'll find some answer for this in 2018, who knows.

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Oh, hai, Jerry! Perhaps you should help Jelena here...

Yes, you're right, Jerry, and shame on me for not acting sooner.

Seriously, Jerry, you've gotta clean up your act in 2018.

Sorry, Jerry, I'll reach out to our answers experts and see what's up with this bug...


Hey, hey, hey - talking to yourself only works if you have multiple profiles. :)

Anyways, I hope that Jerry might be able to resolve this finally. Or Jerry. If not then maybe Jerry could help? Whatever it takes. "Just fix this!"


Hey Jelena Perfiljeva

Thanks a lot for the reminder. I raised this with our UX experts a couple of times and will reach out to them to find out what was their final decision on the matter (it was last discussed before the holidays).




Thanks, Moshe. It's really quite mind-boggling though that this issue would require any special UX expertise. To me, it's just basic logic. What's the definition of "unanswered"? If someone believes that closed questions belong to "unanswered" category (which would be semantically correct, I guess) then provide an option to exclude closed questions. Because when people like me are looking where we could help we don't want to spend time on closed questions.

Very simple IMHO. Yet this has been the issue since 2012 when locked threads started to appear on the "open question" list. I wrote about it back then but nothing happened. However, there were only few locked questions before (because only the moderators could do that) while now people close questions quite frequently.