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Jan 02, 2009 at 07:55 AM

Defining Approver for workflow in BADI has problem



There is a standard PAYROLL BADI HRPBSINGET_APPROVER i haver customized and implemented this BADI with ZHRPBSINGET_APPROVER which determines the approver and sends the workitem. Just to check i have hard coded the userid in the approver parameter. But the workitem is not going to the concern approver which is hard coded. The workflow template WS18900041 which is active. This is payroll BADI which determines the approver. When i check the log of the workflow there is a container element called AGENT which fills the userid. But this container element is not available in the workflow template. I cant modify the workflow since its the standard workflow. Its very strange that container element is not available in the workflow template but its showing in workflow log. Can any one tell what could be the reason behind it. By the way i am applying the LOAN from ESS portal. I put the debugger and checked all these details.