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May 28, 2018 at 02:01 PM

How to handle alternative items in marketing documents



I have a problem regarding the use of alternative items and I don't know how to handle it. Within the sales orders we have specific items and a few of them have alternative items. The person, who makes the sales order, simply takes the number from the purchase of the customer and adds the sales order. Sometimes it is the old number, sometimes it is the new number. Depends on the purchase of the customer and the sales person doesn't know which item will be delivered. Both items are different but it doesn't matter for the customer which one he receives.

When the goods will be delivered the person within the warehouse decides which item will be delivered. So when he copies the sales order to a delivery note he want to take the item which is within the sales order or he wants to switch it to the alternative item. But when it is switched to the alternative item the link to the base document will be deleted. When this delivery is added it is not related to the sales order and the quantity will not decrease.

But in both cases the original quantity within the sales order should be reduced when the delivery note is added.

One option would be to change it within the sales order but it is not wanted that the person within the warehouse changes the sales order. This would also be a circuitous way cause when we have quantity 10 is within the sales order and every piece will be delivered one by one then it needs to be changed multiple times and the person needs to calculate item A and item B manually every time..

Is there any solution to handle this request?

Thanks in advance.

Thomas Weber