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May 25, 2018 at 02:25 PM

​Bugs in Samples provided by SAP for SAPUI5: Any way to raise concern with SAP


Not sure, whether this is the place, where this concern can be raised.

select 'Samples' from

select 'Input' from right side.

In Left side, under Display,

select 'Feed Input'

Then under Samples(2),

select 'Feed Input' and 'Feed' separately.

Download the source code zip files.

Extract to WEB IDE, in both source codes, brackets, curly brackets and square brackets were not closed correctly.

Even after correction, was unable to execute the program.

Tried raising Incident under SAP, but my user rights are limited and could not raise incident.

How can the source codes be corrected by SAP.

How can this concern be bought to the attention of SAP