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May 25, 2018 at 09:42 AM

Update Customer Hierarchy automatically



currently we maintain customer hierarchy manually by given data on a excel sheet.

I'm searching for a solution where I can automatically receive this excel file, map it to the right structure and process the changes to the hierarchy.

I found function group KXHI which looks quite good. For example function module RKC_HIERARCHY_NODE_LIST lists all nodes, but not the companies at the end of the nodes and not the correct hierarchy step (the numbers are just ascending). Nevertheless, this function module has a good signature (import and export paramenter). I basically only want to insert, that the hierarchy is a customer hierarchy and then the variant.

I already tried to trace the transaction (kes3) but this wasn't helpful.

Has anyone experience within this topic? First step would be to find a function module or a method that processes changes to a hierarchy by a given input but also receiving current hierarchy from a function module would be helpful for me.

Thanks for any help!