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TLS certificate validation failed during SAP HANA 2.0 SPS3 install on Fusion 10 Pro

Please advise how to fix TLS certificate validation failed HDB_CONN_TLS_CERT_VALIDATION_FAILED ERROR Failed to register "SystemDB" database to Cockpit which is similar to unanswered question since January 2018

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  • Hi, Valery, is the error the exact same? If it is not,l please add details on when this is happening

  • Hi Lucia!

    The exact error in my case is

    TLS certificate validation failed. HDB_CONN_TLS_CERT_VALIDATION_FAILED. ERROR Failed to register "SystemDB" database to Cockpit

    as specified in my query. As you can see it is the same with only difference in code HDB_CONN_TLS_CERT_VALIDATION_FAILED vs. HDB_CONN_TLS_HOST_NAME_MISMATCH. Steps to reproduce are the same.

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    May 28, 2018 at 02:47 PM

    Hi, Valery,

    I have imported at least 10 VMs for the current revision in different platform combinations (not Fusion Pro 10) and have not seen this error. We need you to help us help you.

    When does this happen? What do the logs say? Does your VM have an assigned IP address (I get a certificate related issue when the VM does not have an IPv4 address assigned)? What makes you think the error has the same root cause?

    In the GitHub issue you are saying this is due to "developer typos". What part of the error message points at that?



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    • Update: I had a chance to get HDB_CONN_TLS_HOST_NAME_MISMATCH error again during FQDN installation procedure at ESXi host. Thanks to Lucia Subatin note I realised this may be an IPv4 issue. Despite of the same IP was statically assigned to this host in YaST2 and via router's DHCP.

      I've added back IPv4 to FQDN mapping into VM /etc/hosts (in addition to localhost FQDN mapping record) and repeated the full procedure from the beginning with only this particular difference. It finished successfully!

      P.S. Well 2.5 hours for the complete bare virtual install of SUSE with SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 03 + XSA is not bad :)