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May 24, 2018 at 10:33 AM

Connecting an Additional Application Server to a new ASCS Server (Same system)

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Basically we are in the process of migrating storage and, as part of that, moving from VM to Hyper-V servers. Also we're taking the opportunity to move from Win Server 2012 and SQL 2012 to Server 2016 and SQL 2016.

Anyway, we have the new servers ready to go and I am considering whether I can install the Additional Application Servers ahead of time, connecting to the existing servers and then, when we do the downtime migration to the new Hyper-V servers, change what server they point at for the ASCS instance which will still be the same system, SID etc., just a new hostname.

Has anyone tried this ? Also is it as simple as changing the SAPGLOBALHOST parameter in the profile for the instance? Or would I end up having to reinstall them all again? If so I'd obviously wait.

Hope that makes sense.