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ABAP ADT 2.68.3 Bugs - Eclipse crashes

I am running ADT 2.68.3 with Neon 4.6.1 on OS X (Sierra) with ABAP backend SAPKA74012. I am seeing a lot more crashes than before. From version 2.68 on, I have not really been able to use the debugger without risking a crash. With this latest update, I am have the Eclipse environment crash even if all I am doing is working on GUI for 15-20 minutes and going back to Eclipse.

Note: By crash, I mean the Eclipse environment become unresponsive and I get the spinning beachball. I have to Force Quit and then reopen Eclipse to continue working.

Is there any particular log that I can upload that would be helpful?

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12 Answers

  • Nov 29, 2016 at 09:20 PM

    Armin, welcome back from your vacation... I also just returned to work after Thanksgiving - and have something new to report - I have not had any crashes for the last 2 days!! (Knocking on wood)

    The only difference is that I went from using two sets of Windows with tabs like in my November 15th screen shot to just a single window with all the tabs that I am using. I have used F3 to follow code all around, I have even done a bit of debugging and I have not crashed at all! Hope this helps too.

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  • Nov 08, 2016 at 08:48 AM

    Hello Raghu,

    there is an issue in the combination ADT & SAP GUI for Java & OS X that can cause an ADT freeze. We are working on a fix for this. Based on your description we currently guess that you are facing the same issue that is already reproducible on our side, although we cannot be exactly sure. I would let you know if we have updates on this.

    To check your issue in detail and for further processing we would ask you to create a customer incident and attach the support zip file (ADT menu "Help" -> "Collect Support Information..."). It would also be helpful if you could add some more details regarding "even if all I am doing is working on GUI for 15-20 minutes and going back to Eclipse."

    "Working on GUI" means embedded GUI in ADT or standalone GUI?

    "Going back to Eclipse" means only switch back or also performing some action like starting a report, activating a source or starting another embedded SAP GUI window?

    As a work around you can try to deactivate the ADT Debugger completely via the Debug Properties (Context menu on ADT project -> "Properties" -> "ABAP Development" -> "Debug" -> Uncheck "Enable debugger" and confirm).

    Best regards,

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    • Thanks Armin,

      I am a consultant so I will try to convince the team here to create a customer incident for me, but I am not sure I will be able to.

      "Working on GUI" meant working on standalone SAP GUI for Java. I usually switch to standard SAP GUI for test data and to run standard T-Codes like MIGO, etc.

      The last crash I had was when I just opened a new tab with source code and tried switching to another tab which was already open. In this case it was nothing to do with the debugger. I might have had one embedded SAP GUI tab open - I cannot be positive about that right now though. The next time it happens, I will make a note.

      Trying to deactivate the Debugger, the only setting that I had was "Enable System Debugging". I have disabled that for now.

      The support file - I have taken a snapshot this morning with no crashes. I am guessing you would want the snapshot right after a crash?

  • Nov 09, 2016 at 09:18 AM

    Hi Raghu,

    actually the debugger may be involved, even if you have no breakpoints and no active debug session. I still think that the deactivation of the debugger might work as a temporary workaround. For debugging you would then have to use SAP GUI debugger of course (with external breakpoints).

    The system debugging setting is part of the ADT preferences which are the overall settings for the whole workspace / all projects. The debugger main on/off switch can be found in the ADT properties which are the project specific settings. You can find the project properties as described above or if you open the preferences as you did and then choose the link "Configure Project Specific Settings". You would have to do this for every project that you use.

    Regarding the support file: Yes the crash information would be helpful but I also asked for it because it contains the Java GUI version. Once the crash occcured again and you got the file you can upload it here or send it to me via mail (first.second [at]

    Best regards,
    Armin Beil

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    • Interestingly, turning off the system debugger appeared to reduce the crashes to only once. I did use the debugger and breakpoints successfully a few times. I will turn the debugger off completely today. I will post some of the relevant parts of the log with versions here if it ends up helping someone else and also email the who might have an issue too.

      SAP GUI for Java Embedding
      Version                  : Tue Sep 30 06:12:23 CEST 2014 (1518805) on ldm046
      Legacy System Repository : /Library/Preferences/SAP/
      Legacy User Repository   : null
      System Repository        : /Library/Preferences/SAP/sapgui.registry
      User Repository          : /Users/raghug/Library/Preferences/SAP/sapgui.registry
      SAP GUI for Java
      * SAPGUI 7.20 rev 1, 072000040100, /Applications/SAP Clients/SAPGUI 7.20rev1/SAPGUI
        SAP GUI 7.30, 073000040000, /Applications/SAP Clients/SAPGUI 7.30/SAPGUI
        SAP GUI 7.30 rev 8, 073000040800, /Applications/SAP Clients/SAPGUI 7.30rev8/SAPGUI
        SAP GUI 7.40, 074000040000, /Applications/SAP Clients/SAPGUI 7.40/SAPGUI
        SAP GUI 7.40 rev 5, 074000040500, /Applications/SAP Clients/SAPGUI 7.40rev5/SAPGUI
      * SAP GUI 7.40 rev 9, 074000040900, /Applications/SAP Clients/SAPGUI 7.40rev9/SAPGUI
      SAPWDP Client for Java
      SAP Netweaver Business Client

      I have been using 7.40rev9 exclusively for the last 2 weeks. Before that 7.40rev5 also had some crashes.

      ### Root Installable Units ###

      ... and some miscellaneous lines pulled from the systemProperties.txt

      os.arch=x86_64 OS X
      ### JAVA RUNTIME PROPERTIES (from java.lang.Runtime) ###
      # Values only reflect roughly the actual memory sizes
      maxMemory=1 GB
      freeMemory=85.98 MB
      totalMemory=256 MB
  • Nov 09, 2016 at 07:31 PM

    Update: First crash of the day. I was curious to see what would happen if I did a "/h" to turn on the debugger from an embedded SAP GUI session. It did popup a standalone debugger window. I hardly got through my thought of "this is cool, I can live with this in the interim quite easily" and pressed F8 to continue - and boom, both the SAP GUI Window and my Eclipse session disappeared and I get a "Eclipse quit unexpectedly. Do you want to inform Apple" messages.

    I am able to replicate this pretty easily.

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  • Nov 10, 2016 at 10:16 AM

    Hello Raghu,

    I see. Update 2 actually shows that the debugger is most probably not involved.

    Besides this I talked to an Java GUI expert and he strongly advises to use an updated JDK (your trace file shows that you are currently using 1.8.0_25). Could you please update the JDK that is used for eclipse and see if the issues persist?

    Best regards,

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    • I will try to update when I can. Right now Oracle thinks I am not in a country that is authorized to download the JDK... I am in the US in Pennsylvania now and have tried 2 different networks and my cell service with the same results. Part of #calexit?? I will be in New Jersey tonight and give it a try :)

      Thank you for accessing the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud. Due to your country location, we are unable to process your request.
  • Nov 14, 2016 at 07:02 PM

    Ok, I have updated to the latest version of the JDK 1.8.0_112. I still have crashes.

    One was related to debugging, when I tried switching tabs from the current code being debugged to another tab.

    The latest one was from the Feed Reader, I had double clicked a dump and then from within the Dump's Source Code extract (in the Embedded GUI) I tried selecting a line and Eclipse froze. This time I did get corresponding Dumps in ST22. It does reference note 84176. Do you think this will fix the issues?

    Category 	              	Internal Kernel Error                                                     
    Runtime Errors	         	CALL_FUNCTION_RECEIVE_ERROR                                               
    Application Component  	BC-MID-RFC                                                                
    Date and Time 	         	11/14/2016	 	13:53:07                                                       
    Short Text                                                                                      
        	Error when receiving answer to a Remote Function Call.                                      
    What happened?                                                                                  
        	Error in the SAP kernel                                                                     
        	The current ABAP program "SAPLSADT_REST" had to be terminated because the ABAP              
        	processor detected a system error.                                                          
    What can you do?                                                                                
        	Note which actions and entries caused the error to occur.                                   
        	Consult your SAP administrator.                                                             
        	Using transaction ST22 for ABAP dump analysis, you can view, manage,                        
        	and retain termination messages for longer periods.                                         
    How to correct the error                                                                        
        	Refer to note 84176.                                                                        
        	" "                                                                                         
        	The internal system error cannot be resolved using ABAP.                                    
        	You might be able to find a solution in the SAP Notes system. If you                        
        	have access to the SAP Notes system, check there first using the                            
        	following keywords:                                                                         
        	"SAPLSADT_REST" or LSADT_RESTU01                                                            
        	If you cannot solve the problem yourself, please send the following                         
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  • Nov 15, 2016 at 04:13 PM

    Hello Raghu,

    too bad, I actually thought the JDK update could help.

    Regarding your newest inputs: Of course a back-end dump can cause front-end errors but we think it's quite unlikely that it would actually cause a front-end freeze. Maybe it's a separate issue. But since it might be related and since this is a kernel dump it is surely not wrong to try to fix it.

    Could you please let us know the kernel version (menu 'System' -> 'Status...' -> Shift F5 -> at least release & patch level on the top left) and send me the whole dump via mail? (ST22 -> open dump -> menu 'System' -> List -> Save -> Local File -> Unconverted)

    Is one of the mentioned cases reliable reproducible on your side meanwhile or is it still randomly happening?

    If the next freeze occured you could also do the following: Before closing the hanging IDE use activity monitor to look up the pid of eclipse, execute 'jstack <pid>' via command line and send us the result.

    We will also have a meeting with the mentioned SAP GUI expert end of next week. We will analyse the freeze issue that we have reproducible in-house but I'll also ask him whether he has further advises for your case.

    Best regards,

    PS: I'm on vacation 17th-22th Nov.

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  • Nov 15, 2016 at 05:19 PM

    Armin, first off I have to thank you for being so unbelievably responsive!

    Here is the Kernel version information... and I am sending you an email with the dump information.

    The crashes appear to be random - the closest thing to a pattern that I can see is that it happens when switching between source code tabs or pressing F3 to navigate to another program / function module / class - which also switches tabs. You are correct about the dumps vs freezes, I had about 20 dumps yesterday (they all superficially appear identical), but only 4 freezes.

    If it makes any difference, I usually have two sets of Windows open for source code. I am attaching a current screen shot to illustrate where I have a vertical monitor setup. I also have a horizontal monitor setup in another location (same computer, different monitor) with the two windows side-by-side. I haven't noticed any difference in frequency of issues in either of the setups.

    PS - Have fun on vacation, I am in no hurry, just hope this helps the community as a whole.

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  • Nov 28, 2016 at 04:47 PM

    Hello Raghu,

    your welcome. Thanks for the time and effort you spent on providing the inputs.

    Since we already discussed the further handling of the kernel dump via mail I think we can use this thread to concentrate on the freeze issues.

    We identified a general issue between ABAP in Eclipse and embedded Java GUI (usage of an outdated library) that could potentially cause freezes. But unfortunately I cannot say for sure whether this is the cause for some of your freeze situations. We are working on a correction for the identified issue.

    At least for your last reported freeze the mentioned correction will not be helpful because the JStack you provided shows that no embedded GUI was involved in that certain situation. However a colleague identified your JStack as an issue that also occurs in-house. I'll request the processing of this topic at the appropriate team and I'll link this SCN discussion, but I will not be working on the further analysis.

    Since this is not an OSS ticket but SCN I also cannot guarantee whether the issue will handled with priority or whether the other team will answer via SCN. But I will try to give you an update here if a fix is available.

    Best regards,

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  • Dec 06, 2016 at 04:02 PM

    Hi Raghu,

    I think this information could actually help a lot. Did you experience further crashes since using only one window?

    I forwarded your issue as mentioned. A colleague from the other team (he had the same issue with his Mac before but not often) told me he will work now with your setup in order to get the issue reproducible.

    In case you get further crashes please feel free to provide us some further JStacks.

    Best regards,

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