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ListBox or custom table

Hello, I creating extension in PWD 16.5 SP05. I need to have on that extension (used on table column) some kind of table with values from which I select none or more items. I need only item name and check box (combobox with yes/no selection). How shold I do this? When I put table attribute on form, it links to tables from model, but I need custom list of values (user defined, or loaded from csv file).

The second choice is create Dialog Box with ListBox and MultiLine edit. In listBox will be my defined values and after selecting one and pressing Method Button I move selected into MultiLine Edit. Or is there some possibility to have Multiselect ListBox?

I using VBscript for method.

Thanks a lot

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2 Answers

  • May 24, 2018 at 09:42 AM

    Hello Peter,

    see attached screenshots with several possibilities, what is PD capable of. Since the purpose of your task is not described, I haven`t understood exactly, what you are trying to achieve. So I attached four ways, of how can you select some value on Table Column.

    01 - Simple dropdown list, only one value can be selected

    02 - Step-by-step adding items/values from "Available-list" to "Valid-for-my-column" list. For adding to the list the small button on the right sight is used.

    03 - Simple selection dialog, you can choose only one object at a time

    04 - Multiple selection dialgo, you can choose any subset of objects

    Some of these solutions are more complex, so it would be neccessary to know more about the purpose of this tasks. If you want to discuss it in our native languages, you can reach me on ondrej.divis(zavinac)



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  • May 24, 2018 at 09:27 AM

    For information on building lists of objects to select from, look in the Metamodel help for the methods available on ObjectSelection.

    If you want drop-down lists of values, here's what you can do in an extension:

    • Under Profile/Shared, create an Extended Attribute Type, and add the list of values to it
    • In your Extended Attribute, set the Data Type to the Extended Attribute Type - you'll see it at the bottom of the list

    If your list of values is complicated (possibly depending on something else, such as property of the object), there's another way:

    • In the Extended Attribute, set the Data Type to 'String'
    • Now click on the 'Create Template for List of Values' button to the right of the 'List of Values' box - this will create a new template for you. Here you could merely list the values, or use the power of GTL to programmatically build the list of values. In principle, this could include calling a VBScript that reads a CSV file.

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