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Hi All,

Working in an SAP organization for the first time, am used to an ODBC style setup in previous jobs. Multiple people internally here are asserting that there is no way to generate a comprehensive list of Sales Orders by customer (with quantities as they came in). Issue is that when items are out of stock, they get cut from the order (as opposed to going on backorder).

This means that if I want to know what Customer A ordered in 2016, I have pull a report of what was shipped out of BI and then merge that with a Cut Report to get shipped + cut = total ordered.

Given that SAP is a global standard for ERP, it seems absurd to me that this isn't a TCode that would fulfill this. Note that access is somewhat limited for my division so a TCode Report would be preferable to some kind of query/custom report.

Perhaps it's an issue with how the process is set up internally.

Thanks for your help.


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  • I am a bit confused as you use the term purchase order together with customer, usually purchase orders go with vendors.

    Or do you eventually mean sales orders and this issue should be better addressed under the Sales & Distribution tag.

    Also nobody here knows what ZS40 is as Z transactions are homemade transactions.

  • Former Member Jürgen Lins

    Ah, perhaps that wasn't the best term to use. It's a PO in the sense that we receive the PO from the customer (usually through EDI). I will correct the tag to SD. As for the ZS40, thanks - I wasn't aware those are customs.

    To clarify, yes I'm looking Sales Orders by customer, with the quantities that came in initially.

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