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Dec 30, 2008 at 10:57 AM

Convert :- Minutes to Days:Hours:Minutes


Hi Friends ,

I want to convert the time value from MINUTE to HH : MM : SS

I mean in input i have to pass 200 Minutes and in Output i want to get the no of hr and minutes in the format 03 : 20 ( HH:MM) . I have used the FM "CONVERSION_EXIT_SDURA_OUTPUT" for this .

This works fine for time input values upto 5 digits like ( 20000 minutes) = 333:20 (HH:MM) ,

when the input value is more than 5 digits , ex - 200000 this FM does not work .

Is there any FM where i can get the conversion from MINUTE to HH :MM:SS or from Minutes to DAYS :HPURS:MINUTES .

I have searched SDN , but i dint get the exact FM which i want ,

If any body has any idea on the same please guide me on the same .