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Dec 30, 2008 at 05:44 AM

Assignment of FM elements in GL and effect in Budgert. Report View in FM


Hi Guruu2019s

Can any one tell me what commitment and Funds, to be assigned to the entries flowing in GL & FM thru SLCMu2026.?

The following are the Entries and the scenarios for the University scenariou2019s

Fee calulation:-

Dr/Cr Account Acct Amt CI Fund Grant

Dr Student Receivables (Recon) 100210 15,000.00 Rev_01 MiscFund Grant01

Cr Program Fee 300102 (10,000.00 Rev_01 MiscFund Grant01

Cr Tax 200300 (2,000.00) Lia_01 MiscFund Grant01

Cr Penality 300105 (3,000.00) Rev_01 MiscFund Grant01

Grant Sponsored by Sponsor:-

Dr Sponsor Receivables (Recon) 100220 5,000.00 Rev_01 MiscFund Grant01

Cr Clearing A/c 100800 (5,000.00) Clg_01 MiscFund Grant01

Cr Student Receivables (Recon) 100210 (5,000.00) Rev_01 MiscFund Grant01

Dr Clearing A/c 100800 5,000.00 Clg_01 MiscFund Grant01

Commitment Fin.Transaction CI Item Cat

Rev_01 30 2

Clg_01 50 3

Lia_01 60 2

If I check in the Reports, iam not getting the values reduced against the Grant Budget.

Could any one help me in assigning the FM objects to the GL accounts, so that the values can reduced against the budget from the respective, Fund, Grant and Fund center.