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Dec 29, 2008 at 06:41 PM

Printer settings do not works on CR XI ActiveX


My application written in VB6 print a lot of reports using the CrystalReportActiveX directly to different printers, according to the setting of the client that is printing. I mean: print 1 copy on printer A, using bin 2, print 2 copies on printer B, using bin 1, etc..

With Cristal Reports 8.5 everything was well.

Now I am using Cristal Report XI R2 with all Service Packs but it does not work well.

I can reach the different printers, but the setting on the client are not respected. It means that I cannot print using the paper size or the paperbin I want. The printout is 'random'.

For exemple I use 3 Tally 9025 printers in different offices. I have the same settings on the client driver and the printers have the same settings on their built-in control panel.

But on the first printer the printout is on paperbin 1, on the second only the first page is on paperbin 1 and the following pages on paperbin 2, and so on.

If i do not print directly, but I use the CRXreport.PrintOut True the output is correct.

That is the code I use and it works fine in CR 8.5

Set CRXreport = crxApplication.OpenReport(pathreports & "Bozza multipla.rpt")

CRXreport.ReportTitle = "Bozza per " & nomesocieta


'sel_devicename : parameters from Printers()



CRXreport.SelectPrinter sel_drivername, sel_devicename, sel_port

CRXreport.RecordSelectionFormula = strRECORDSOURCE


CRXreport.PrintOut False, n_copie

Why does not it work in CR XI?

Anyone can help me?