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Dec 29, 2008 at 11:48 AM

Production Quantity should trigger Maintenance Order -reg



As of now we are using maintenance scheduling for PM work orders for the maintenance of equippments . We create maintenance plans and schedule them and a sof now as per the schedule every 4 months once we are getting PM workorder and through that we are doing the maintenance of the equippment .

I undertsand that there is a way to get the schedule orders as per the actual quantity produced ,by assigning the equippment to the operation in routing of the assembly part number .And the production quantity reaches certain value a maintenance order should be triggered, for addressing thsi what and all steps we have to execute ?

our main issue is we are working on REM and we dont confirm any operations ? then how can the maintenance order triggering can be linked to actual production ?

in discrete also when the order is confirmed at header level , how this is maintained

is it not possible in case of REM to get maintenance order when the production reaches certain set value ?

please help


Madhu Kiran.