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Former Member
Dec 28, 2008 at 01:48 PM

Charts undefined error on value axes


Has anyone come across this problem?

I have seven small XCelsius 4.5 swf files embedded within a larger Flash presentation.

Each of the swf files works fine until I get to the last one. This shows "undefined" on the y axis of one chart and the x axis of another. Both are % scales.

BUT, if I start by viewing the final swf it works fine and the axes are correct. When I then go back to the other 6 swfs each of these now has the problem of "undefined" for x or y values on at least one chart. Some are % scales, others are numbers. The charrts are simple column, stacked column and line charts.

Each of the swf files uses a different Excel sheet for the source data. Each of them runs fine on their own as standalone swfs.

So what could be causing one apparently independent XCelsius animation to affect the settings of another?