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Dec 26, 2008 at 12:51 PM

RFC to Multiple File Scenario


Hi Friends,

Im working out with RFC to Multiple Files scenario.

I have imported an RFC and created two message Interfaces.One field (A) from the function module with other constants are present in one message type and other field (B) with other constants into another message type.

For two message interfaces im using enhanced interface determination for generating the files.

I have created RFC destination with TCP/IP and gave the same programID which is mentioned in the RFC Adapter.

When im executing the function module, im not getting any message in SXMB_MONI.

When i have checked it in communication channel monitoring its giving me as:

Sender channel 'CCT_RFC_SEND' for party '', service 'BS_RFCtoFILE' (internal name 'RfcServer[CCT_RFC_SEND]')

Server data: {jco.server.gwhost=YHSAPX05, jco.server.progid=testrfc, jco.server.gwserv=sapgw00, jco.server.unicode=0}

Repository data: {jco.client.lang=EN, jco.client.snc_mode=0, jco.client.client=100, jco.client.passwd=******, jco.webas.ignore_jdsr_error=1, jco.client.user=sapdev03, jco.client.sysnr=00, jco.client.ashost=}

Current pool size: 1, maximum pool size : 1

I think this is not an error as im getting the status "Green LED", but still im not getting the output also.

Please help me in this regard.