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Dec 26, 2008 at 03:50 AM

SO01 email not successfully sent out


Dear all,

I have 2 clients DEV111 & DEV222, both are configured with SMTP to allow sending out email.

DEV111 - is configured to be able to send email only and it works.

DEV222 - is configured to be able to send and receive email. Receiving email is working based on steps in notes 455140. But sending email does not work. The sending email configuration is same as in DEV111.

To send email in DEV222

1) SO01 --> New message

2) Fill in title,the contents and the recipient address. The recipient type is "Internet address" and Express Mail is ticked.

3) Click Send.

4) SCOT --> Start send process, it says No messages sent.

5) Then check in the outbox, SO01 --> Outbox --> Documents, the email is there, but the Send Date, Recipient and the Send Status are blank. The Send Time is 00:00:00

6.) To check the send status in SOST also nothing.

Action taken

1) Check SMTP status in SMICM --> Goto --> Services. SMTP is active

2) Double check configuration in SCOT.

a) "Node in use" is ticked

b) "Supported address types" for Internet is set to *

c) Default Domain is configured. SCOT --> Settings --> Default Domain

3) To perform test route. SCOT --> Utilities --> Routing Test

a) Recipient Address type = INT

b) No error found in the results.

Please advise what could be the cause of the problem and what else I can check.