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Dec 24, 2008 at 09:29 AM

New query WIS 10702 WIS 30270 java.lang.NullPointerException



I'm working with BOXIR2SP2 on windows2003serverR2, the connection to db is ODBC generic,

I have a Report that works and have 2 Queries, when I try to add a third query (that points to the same universe of the first query), the following error message appears:

If I put an object in the query pannel: WIS 10702

If I put an object in the filter: WIS 30270

If the third query points to an universe different from the first I don't have errors...

The first query (that works), has a join with 6 queries, and this universe has 3 contexts.

1st query universe: Contabilita

2nd query universe: Etl_elaborazioni

3rd query universe: Prova

I've also tried to change universe in the third query from Prova to Contabilita and I see in the java panel:

Exception occurred during event dispatching:


And then the report seems to work.

I launch it with infoview, and it works , I open it again with webintelligence and when I click on modify query it tells me that there are objects that are not present in this version of the universe (not true)and he will remove them from the query.

And he remove all objects from the third query...

Any Ideas?

Best Regards