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Dec 23, 2008 at 04:34 PM

CC5.3 (RAR) - Advice on how to differentiate CC environments?



I'm looking for advice/suggestions/creative ideas...

We have 3 different "environments" set up for CC; a production, development, and sandbox. If I have all 3 environments open in a seperate IE window at the same time, sitting idle at the main screen, the only way for me to really know what environment I'm in is by looking at the URL's. For me personally, this isn't a huge issue - I know the URL's and can tell just by looking at them what environment I'm in. Our concern is for a different portion of our CC user base. Much of our CC user base isn't required to be as savy in CC5.3. Many use CC for a few select tasks only. So when they have development CC open in one IE window and production CC open in a seperate IE window, they struggle with "losing their place" - getting confused easy as to what environment they're in. There's just no easy way to know what environment you're on without knowing the URL's. The obviously answer to my dilemna is - have everyone memorize the URL's. But we're looking for something different.

Is there anyway we can modify the base screens in CC? Does anyone have any other ideas on how to differentiate various CC environments?

Any and all ideas welcome - Thanks!!