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Nov 07, 2016 at 02:30 PM

Printing the same value in any part of the report



I made a stored procedure and on the basis of that I prepared a crystal report. I am facing a problem. Let me explain it with the data below

InvoiceNum OrderNum No. of Packets PartNum Qty

188888 5203 10 ABC123 15

188888 5203 10 ABC123 25

188888 5203 10 ABC120 45

188890 5203 0 PQR124 35

188890 5203 0 PQR126 75

The above data could also be in a reverse order which means the first two number of packets may be null and the remaining may have the value as 10

I want to have a formula which I put any where in the report I should get the number of packs as 10 (as per the above data) I tried different codes but nothing worked.