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Dec 22, 2008 at 07:06 PM

Changing URL causes ESS errors


We have been using hostname urls for our Enterprise Portal servers. We have changed one of our QA servers to use a DNS name url and imported a new SSL cert to match the DNS url. So instead of, we are using, with ess_hcm set up in our internal DNS to point to server-name. We have encountered two problems:

1. When any object is edited, like address, and then you navigate away from the address edit page, when you navigate back to view address the system throws a "The service you want to start is currently locked." error. The user must be manually logged off in the R3 system using sm04.

2. When clicking back to view address, in the first and second level navigation bars the highlights go back to the first item in both bars, and the path to the current service is lost.

Neither of these errors occur when the portal is accessed using the hostname-based URL. Can anyone point us to the configuration needed to make ESS work with the new url? Thanks!