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Dec 22, 2008 at 06:12 PM

Classify Condition Types


Hi Experts,,

I am working on CIN and i was classifying the condition types. In this some of the condition are giving error that this entry is not maintained in the table.

That means that i have create condition type in m/06 in Materials Management.

These are the condition types throwing error

JSEP: AT1Setoff cond. %

JSEI :AT2 Inventory %

JHX1 : AT1 Setoff Cond. Total

JHX2 : AT2 Inventory Total

JVRD: A/P VAT RM Deductible

JVRN : A/P VAT RM Non - Deductible

JVCD : A/P VAT CG Deductible

JCVN : A/P VAT CG Non - Deductible

For this which condition types i have to take reference.

Plz do needfull i was struck in this.