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May 27, 2018 at 06:34 AM

Use of Payment Supplement Method Field and Grouping Key



We are trying to use Payment Method Supplement field to group payments during payment runs in F110. For Example
Vendor A - Invoice 1 - $100 (Pay Supp Field 1)

Vendor A - Invoice 2 - $200 (Pay Supp Field 1)

Vendor A - Invoice 3 - $300 (Pay Supp Field 2)

Given this is for Check payments, I would like two checks cut for $300 (grouping Invoice 1 & 2) and another $300 (for Invoice 3). I have done the necessary config in FBZP and the field shows up in vendor master and FB60. However, even when the field is populated as above (different payment supplements) - all 3 invoices are still grouped together. What can I do to check that selective grouping is enabled? Any one has experience using this field?


Can we use the aforementioned logic to group payments by payment supplement field for different vendors as well?

How can we use grouping key in addition to Pay Supplement - How is it different?

Lastly, How can we sort using Payment Supplement Field?

Any Advise would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!