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Dec 20, 2008 at 05:34 AM

Packing Units


Hai All,

I have done relevant config in IMG regarding Packing Materials.

When packing in delivery document by gointo Edit-Pack,

i can pack finished good into packing material & when i choose F3-Back, packing material shows as subitem.

upto here working fine.

But, Finished good quantity is -100 Ea,

Packing material capacity - 1Box - 10 Ea

In this case when i create delivery for finished good -100 EA, packing boxes will be - 10 Boxes. ( 10 Ea in each box).

but system it shows, only 1 Box, remaintaing qtty( 100- 10 = 90) shows as Partial qtty - 90.

I can do PGI, Stock shows,FG - 100 EA issued , Packing qtty - 1 Box ( it should be 10 Boxes).

Can someone tell me, where am missing.

Thanks a lot in advance.