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Dec 19, 2008 at 04:41 PM

Totally lost, do I have corrupted installer files?


I'm completely lost on installing BOE XI R3.1 here on a test server since our R2 installs 10 months ago were so smooth.


Virtual Server with 2GB of RAM and Xeon E5430

Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2

Oracle 10g database residing on another server

Oracle 10g client and tnsnames file installed locally on the test server for BOE 3.1

We waited for 3.1 because we are using .Net here currently. So during install prompts I uncheck the Java install and leave .Net install checked for the web services. During install I get messages that the CMS failed to start and that I can press cancel to skip installation of items so I do in order to continue install. The installer seems to work, creates tables in the Oracle DB so I know it's connecting, but when it's done there is a big problem. CCM has nothing but the Web Proxy Auto-Discovery service and the WWW Publishing service listed. There is no CMS or other services in there. I can see the installer put all the files into IIS but nothing runs.

I thought maybe having R2 and R3.1 on the same network was causing port conflicts even though they're not side by side installs on the same box so I uninstalled, reinstalled and changed the port numbers during install. I only got one error message for CMS not starting this time vs. 2 the time before but the end result is the same. So, I'm wondering, did I miss something stupid somewhere? Do I need to install Tomcat and the Java items even if we're using .Net?

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