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Dec 19, 2008 at 11:01 AM

vfx3 (new)


Hi all

My question basically was my process is order and then billing.and its a order releated billing and all config is set like that.Even the billing relevance at itemcat level is order rel billing.In VOFA config is there is not option to put order rel billing in billing cat.Now when i am billing it system by default is picking up L (del rel billing)in VBRK FKTYP.Please let me know what exactly is the config that pulls this value.For credit memos it is pulling it properly but invoices its pulling L in this field.

Thanks for all replies

Reply from Rajesh Banka

I am sure you must have check the point mentioned below, but it would be nice if you could revisit the configuration as under:

1. Check Item Catgory through Transaction Code: VOV7. Ensure that Billing relevance is maintained as 'B'.

2. Also check copy control settings at item level in Transaction Code: VTFA. Check that at Item category level, the settings are similar to Item Category of 'TAD'

Please update if the problem still exist.

Dear Rajesh

I have made all these settings and my item category infact is TAD.