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Dec 19, 2008 at 02:26 AM

Import Transport Error


Hi, I am expert inSAP integration KIT installation but I was trying to do some work on our Sandbox for a new client. I was trying to import transport. I used STMS txn but I am getting error message which tells me that "
<servername>\sapmnt\trans" is not available. When I look into the installation folder then I don't find this folder. Is there any way by which I can change this folder to a place which has TP_DOMAIN_NSP.PFL file so that SAP can find this out. Also, I am not sure in which place I have to keep transport on SAP BI 7.0 ( ABAP) server. I know about Cofile and Data location. But it seems SAP is not able to look at that location.

Any help would be appreciated.