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Dec 19, 2008 at 01:06 AM

XTH_DATA does not contain whole BPS Buffer


Dear all,

I'm facing the following issue in BPS.

I have a planning folder with a Planning Layout and a global sequence.

The global sequence is executed on data save. The global sequence is executing

an exit function in order to do some minor data adjustments before saving.

Next to this I have several variables to restrict the values.

I'm starting the layout having selected a Location A (entry in variable of type User-defined-values).

Then I'm entering some amount to the key figure columns.

At next I'm changing the selection of the Location to B and I'm entering some amounts again.

If I'm now pressing the save button, my global sequence is executed, but unfortunatelly the table

XTH_DATA does only contain the changed values of my selection B. The changed values of my selections A are missing.

If I'm locking into the Cube after saving the data, I can see, that all the values changed (both selection A and selection B) are written to the database, but unfortunatelly my selection A has not been adjusted by my global sequence.

My question is now, how can I read the whole buffer in order to have all changed data available in my global sequence?

Thank in advance for any help!