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Dec 18, 2008 at 11:31 PM

Early confirmation of activity - Problem with actual cost updating


Hi Guys...

I have trying to find out solution with trail and error basis but.....

The issue is :

Network activity - Planned duration 100hrs

periodic confirmation taken place .... no problem... actual cost also updated accordinly,

at one point of time, realised that activity is completed with 70hrs effort only.

then I have updated 100% completion.

what is the twist here is:

though I have completed 100% of work with 70% of actual hours, however, system display actual costs equals to 100hrs.

I can not reduce planned hours equal to actual hours. at the same, I would like to see my activitiy completed with 70 hrs and actual cost equal to 70hrs of effort only.

is there any enhancement there so that we can have both display planned 100 hrs and actual as 70 hrs.

and costs also.

Looking forward to hear from the gurus and thanks in advance

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