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Dec 18, 2008 at 02:07 PM



search terms: IW21 IW22 EXIT_SAPMIWO0_020 zxqqmu20 smod QQMA0014

In IW21 i create PM notifications (surprise).

I use user-exit EXIT_SAPMIWO0_020 in order to check stuff on save/complete, with the idea that a message cannot be closed (might be saved, yet not closed) when stuff not ok.

Whenever stuff is not ok:

current status is I0072 (closed).

then i use STATUS_CHANGE_INTERN to change status back to I0070 (in progress), works fine.

and finally i raise exception exit_from_save...

...and then i end up in the message-editing screen again.

The latter itself is nice, i do wanna end up there, yet the button "Complete" (finish-flag-button) does not appear anymore. In order to close the message I would then need to:

Save the message (status still in progress),

re-open it with IW22, push button re-open,

re-open it with iw22, enter the required stuff, survive my exit, and then finally close the message.

This is functionally (no close without stuff) ok, yet - obviously - quite a hassle.

Can anybody tell me how that finish-flag keeps on appearing after exit_from_save.

Tried: using several other statuses, raising exit_from_save with message...

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