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May 23, 2018 at 08:49 PM

Prefill Contact Data On A Hybris Marketing Landing Page


Dear experts,

we currently trying to use the pre population feature on a landing page in Hybris Marketing in order to set contact data.

We simply followed sample web server implementations, just to test - in addition we checked the "prefill data" checkbox while creating a landing page. Following the (very poor) documentation, it is said that only one step is left to identify the contact and prefill relevant fields on the landing page.

After multiple attempts, we still didn't manage to get things done. We even debugged requests and response. Those are simply empty - or at least we don't know where to find respective data in the response body.

With rest clients, browser add ons etc. - nothing can be seen in the response from Hybris Marketing.

So any hint is appreciated how data can be send back to landing page to use the prefill feature.

Thanks in advance.