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May 23, 2018 at 07:03 AM

Time Based Revenue Recognition - VF44 error


Hi All,

We are currently using Standard Revenue recognition with Milestone Billing, but now we are implementing Time Based Revenue Recognition. We have completed all the steps required for configuring Time Based Revenue Recognition. However, after creating an order, while saving the revenue recognition in VF44, I am receiving the below error. I have checked all the settings and everything looks good in VOFA, OBA7, number ranges VN01 and FBN1 and also checked all related SAP Notes but still couldn’t able to fix this error.

Please provide your valuable inputs.

Error Message:

0009995485 000010 The system has stopped the revenue recognition process for collective run

0009995485 000010 Incorrect $ 1. Select document number between 0009000000 and 0009999999


The document number you specified, "&v1", is not in the appropriate number range. The number range is dependent on the document type.

The exception to this rule is formed by recurring entry documents, which must use number range 'X1' and sample documents, which must use number range 'X2'.

Possible reasons for this error message are:

o You have entered an incorrect document number.

o An incorrect document number was transferred to this application during an update from another application (e.g. CO).

System Response

The document cannot be processed any further.


o Enter a document number that is within the specified number interval.

o If this error was caused by an update from another application, check the type of number assignment in that application (external or internal?) as well as the document number transferred.


In the CO settlement profile, a document type with external number assignment was entered, whereas an internal document number was transferred.