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Dec 17, 2008 at 08:49 AM

Unable to expand drop down by index UI element



I have got one Drop down by index in my webdynpro form and I want to bind this to backend data. For this purpose, I created one adaptive rfc model and also did all this model binding, context mapping etc.

Now my context in view looks like this :- GetDropDown_Mn (parent node) , this has got child Output_DropDown which again has two value attributes Name and Text.

This is component controller code where you bind and invalidate

__Shell__Ca_Read_Cr_Drbox_Val_Input dropdown = new __Shell__Ca_Read_Cr_Drbox_Val_Input();




I then tried to bind my UI element in view with Name attribute , but when I try to run my application , the field appears as read only, kind of non editable (blocked) and I am unable to expand my dropdown.

The readonly property of UI element is false. I have hard coded one value like " Please select from drop down list " and I want the backend values to come below this. For this, I have written code to append the backend values with the hardcoded value. Now the problem is my dropdown is blocked and not able to expand ( unable to click the arrow button), and I cannot see the other values in dropdown except the hard coded value.

Can someone please help me on this.

The cardinality of context node is 1..n, selection = 0..1 and I have set Leadselection = -1.

Thanks and regards,