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Dec 15, 2008 at 01:30 PM

BAdI HRHAP00_ENHANCE_FIX assing the correct appraisal scale


Hi to all!

I'm working with de HAP_DOCUMET BSP application

I'm using this BAdI in order to add elements to qualify, I already did that but I can´t assign the scale I need.

I guess I have to make reference to an element already created but I don´t know how, there is a structure named lw_enhancement_elements which has a field to aassign the element Id to add which I already did and others fields named reference_type and reference_id, I think that this are the fields I have to fill with the info of the element to make reference but I don't know how to fill reference_type field. it´s a char2.

Does anyone know how this field must be filled?

Thank you all.