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Is there any way to track what reports are actively running on BOE?

Good Afternoon.

I am looking for a way to track the names of what reports are currently being run on Business Objects. We are on Business Objects Enterprise XI R2 SP3 and from what Iu2019m aware, the servers can show the administrators how many connections and how many jobs are running, and the auditing command can track when a report has completed/failed (from what I understand), but nothing really tells us what reports are actively being run.

The purpose of this is to measure impact for an emergency restart of the server, track down reports that are taking up system resources, and debugging issues involved with the SDK.

Background: We have several reports hosted on Business Objects, both Crystal Reports and Web Intelligence. These reports go to different universes and databases and use several different accounts depending on the project (no central generic accounts to the databases). Sometimes when people are running several large reports (some being upwards of 1 million rows) the users will open one, leave it to run and go to open several others, killing our session limit and resources on the server. In addition, there have been times in development that restarts have been required but there was no way to tell what reports were running, just the number of them, and in several different spots (RAS, Page server, etc.).

Wish list (If my first priority is answered, Iu2019m also looking for the following):

- One to one associations of what reports are being run by what users.

- A centralized location to see what reports are being run by users opening them and what reports are being run by users scheduling them.

- The ability to u201Ckillu201D a report that is taking too long to run by a user.

- Possibly an interactive dashboard showing the number of active reports verses the serveru2019s limit, what reports are set in queue, etc.

- The u201Cstageu201D a report is running in, so if someone is running a report but its stuck at the prompt for a variable stage, querying data from the database, getting data back from the database, producing and processing the data to the screen, etc.

If Iu2019ve missed something in the Business Objects tools or if someone knows of a way to extract this type of data from the Business Objects server (3rd party tool or custom fix) I would appreciate the assistance. Thank you for your time.

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4 Answers

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    Dec 12, 2008 at 08:59 PM

    Some answers, anyway

    - Launch the CMC admin launchpad, and select the Instance Manager. This allows you to view All Statuses, Success, Failed, Pending, Running, Recurring, and Paused either by specific users, or all users (% is the wildcard).

    - View on demand vs scheduled views - no real time viewing really. Auditing will tell you actions by report if you like.

    - The Instance Manager has a checkbox and "Delete" button.

    - No such dashboard exists.

    - This level of information is not available.

    Limiting runaway queries is always a concern. Use the Universe connection controls and the WebI/Deski connection timeouts to accomplish this.

    Perhaps others might have suggestions for custom reporting solutions.

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    • I fully understand what you are asking for, and agree the direct monitoring of activity does not exist in the manner you describe. I'm just trying to provide some alternatives for you within the product as it exists today.

      When shutting down a server is required, you can look at the metrics for the service to view Open Connections/Active requests. Disable the service, and it will not accept any new job requests. They will either queue, or be passed to another available service. When the connections and active requests all drop, you can stop the service without interrupting anyone's work.

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    Dec 12, 2008 at 09:02 PM

    Instance Manager will tell you what reports are currently running and which user is currently running them. This is accessible from the Administration Launchpad.

    As for your other requirements, you could try something like [Instance-Analyser|]. There are others that I can't seem to remember.

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      Oh, and I wll evaluate the instance Analyser, but I was hoping to come up with a no cost solution if possible. It does look like it simplifies reporting.

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    Dec 17, 2008 at 09:43 PM


    I don't know if you tried using the Query Builder.

    The query below (or some modification of it) may be of some help.


    The SI_SCHEDULEINFO.SI_SUBMITTER property in the query result will give you the BOUSER value of the user that submitted the job.

    SI_SCHEDULE_STATUS takes the following values:

    0 The job is currently being processed by the job server.

    1 The job completed successfully.

    3 The job failed. Check error message.

    8 The job is paused.

    9 The job has not started because dependencies are not satisfied (e.g. Events)



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    Dec 12, 2008 at 09:15 PM


    If you have your audit database configured, you can create your own Webi or Crystal reports against Activity Universe which comes with Enterpise install.

    I have few Webi reports designed against Acitivity Universe which does all which you have in your wish list.


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      To the best of my knowledge, reports based on the Activity universe won't tell you what report are currently running. Even if the Activity universe does include this information, the audit reports will only currently running reports if these reports run longer than 5 minutes (If I remember correctly, the data is updated in the Audit db every 5 minutes).

      Also, how do you determine which stage a currently running report is in? I didn't think this was captured.