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difference between trackname_dev and trackname_cons

Hi All,

When we import the track from nwdi in nwds, there will be two types with trackname_dev and trackname_cons, we always import dev for development and make changes and check in , activate, release. what is the purpose of tracnamecons.(on check in of this code will effect the code or dc in _cons track or not, i think it wont and will be like a default without any changes)

Another question is ,In CMS we will configure runtime systems for development, consolidation, test,production.

when we make changes and activate, release from nwds it will deploy in to runtimesystem developement directly if automatic deployment is checked, then it will moved to consolidation system , what is the purpose of this consolidation system? then moved to test system for QA and later to production system.

Third question is, this transportation is done in Transport studio that is , its having checkin, developement,consolidation, assembly,approval tabs.

so when released from nwds it falls in to transport studio development tab and on import it goes to consolidation so at this time the code goes to consolidation runtimesystem which is configured in cms and on import there it goes to assembly tab in transport studio and on import goes for approval so on these imports i am thinking code is also moving to the runtimesystems.Please correct me if i am wrong and explain me the process behind releasing code changes from nwds to pushing to prod system via cms and transport studio , and whts the significance of consolidation system.i understand what is for what and had confusion in understanding which follows which.please help me in clarifying this.



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3 Answers

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    Dec 15, 2008 at 04:50 AM


    what is the purpose of tracname_cons.


    what is the purpose of this consolidation system?


    and whts the significance of consolidation system.

    The idea of the consolidation system and corresponding workspaces in DTR and buildspaces in CBS is to separate the process of development from the process of software build/creating of the new version of the software. Cons runtime system is also designed to serve as an environmant for consolidation tests and bug fixes.

    Read this links:

    1. Development

    2. Software Build

    You will see where dev part ends and cons part starts.

    In some cases it is important to have this separation, where all developers have access to modify dev, but only some superusers can allow changes to cons. In many cases it is not necessary and system is configured to automatically import / deploy to cons. People get confused by this.

    You do not have to maintain runtime system for cons, but in NW 7, cons workspaces and buildspaces in DTR and CBS will have to be created and maintained.

    NW EHP1 has a new feature, called Single System Track, where CONS is no longer needed.

    Look for "Single System Track" in Karin Sudrow's presentation on EHP1 from this year teched:



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    Dec 16, 2008 at 01:55 PM


    I'll try to put it in simple words.

    What you see in CMS as tab or in CBS, development consolidation, assembly all these are compartments in NWDI.

    they are diff from the runtime systems (dev, consolidation,test,production)

    now consider each compartment as your wrokspace. and NWDI as NWDS.(NWDI also have the compiler)

    when you check in you activity. your code is pushed into the development compartment,(as inactive) and on activation (code is moved as active) NWDI builds it->if successful-> deploy it on runtime dev server.

    (same way as you build in NWDS your source code from workspace and then deploy it on server)

    When you release you activities your code is pushed into the consolidation compartment,

    Now the need of consolidation is, when you create a SCA file of your product-> NWDI builds all the projects available in consolidation-> creates an archive-> deploy it on test server.

    with the source code..Development and consolidation compartment contains no of dependencies.( those are usefull when NWDI try to build it)

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  • Oct 04, 2015 at 01:28 AM

    Hello Phani,

    I am new to nwdi and even i am going through the same confusion what you had long back. Really appreciate if you can clear all the doubts.



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