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Dec 12, 2008 at 03:48 PM

Running Reports in Crystal Server 2008 Embedded Edition


The contract I am working for purchased Crystal Server 2008 Embedded Edition and asked me to design reports for them. They are using MySQL and the MySQL J-Connector JDBC driver for database connectivity. I developed the reports in a development "reports" database, and all the queries Crystal builds prefix the tables with the 'reports.' database name. This appears to be causing problems with the java based tool they are using (another developer is designing this connectivity) that calls the report through a URL from their web application since the customer database could be called different names depending on the customer.

They are asking me if I can design the reports so that the 'reports.' prefix is not made part of the query. I have never heard of this but am throwing it out to you guys for more information.


Who is on the last day of his contract when they bring this to him...