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Former Member
Dec 12, 2008 at 11:55 AM

0FIGL_10: addition of Debit/Credit Indicator



For Cash Flow report I need Debit/Credit Indicator from R/3 in 0FIGL_C10 but it is not there in the extractor field

now I have enhanced the extract structure with the required field and I tried to load it but no data is coming to the field. (coz the FM used is not extracting)

Now my doubt is when i looked at the table which contains figl data the key fields has only RYEAR and other Object Number for table group, also the field required by me is also key in table (DRCRK)

my doubt is if I pull data based on RYEAR will it be correct?....

there is no other field which I think I can use to extract data....

if any1 has enhanced 0FIGL_C10 please help me out or reply how can I select based on what fields..

Is there any other way by which without extracting debit/credit field I can differetiate credit and debit posting which have same GL Accounts?