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Dec 12, 2008 at 07:14 AM

Data transfer between two non compatible structures



I have structure A and proxy generated structure B. Since B is a proxy generated structure, there is a different data type for B when compared to A.

Basically i am trying to pass data in A to a Function Module which is proxy generated one.

So in turn, the Input parameter for FM is B (Again a proxy generated one as mentioned above) which has some prefix.

Say if A has datatype as ABCD, B has datatype as /ZZ/ABCD (Which happens in proxy generation - You have to definitely provide the prefix).

The fields present in both the structures are same except the data type. I mean the domain are the same.

So my query here is how can i be able to transfer data of A to B, so that i wont be getting any dump.

Are there any conversion rules in place for this particular scenario?

Kindly provide your valuable inputs on this issue.

- Venkat