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Dec 11, 2008 at 03:53 PM

Creating Holidays Based on Following Rule


Hi All,

There is requirement from client to created holidays based on following Rules :

1 Rule. For eg. if holidays falls on 20-June every year, then holiday will be given on Third Monday of June every year. How to configure this

Ans. I have taken a option of floating holiday, this can do it for me..but any other option

2 Rule. Holiday will be moved to previous Monday if its date matches Tuesday or Wednesday into the annual calendar overview or It will be moved to next Monday if its date matchs Thursday or Friday into the annual calendar overview.

Ans. I tried to used option Fixed day from date but it takes next monday the condition get false when it is tuesday and wednesday.

I can go for Floating holiday option also, but looking for better and accurate solution.

I have the Floating day holiday rule for both the above rule...but it would be better , if someone can suggest a better solution than the floating day holiday rule...

Looking for your co-operation


Ketal Parikh