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Former Member
Dec 11, 2008 at 03:49 PM

Table DD05S - Foreign key feilds in tables


Hi All,

I am using Table DD05S to view the foreign key fields defined in tables. I happened to exceute the query on table VBAK and found some unique results. This could be elementary but since Im new to SAP, request you all to please provide some answers here.

The table DD05S has the foll fields:

TABNAME- the Table for which we need to check the keys

FIELDNAME- Name of the attribute in TABNAME

FORTABLE- which gives the table to which TABNAME is linked

FORKEY- Names of the foreign keys in FORTABLE.

When I tried to fetch the content for TABNAME='vbak', i found that several field names of VBAK where related to itself, meaning FORTABLE had the value = VBAK and FIELDNAME = FORKEY. Why is the table related to itself?

Also, in some cases I saw that the value of FORTABLE was ' * '. What does this mean? I actually expected FORTABLE to be empty if a particular field was not related to any other key. So this came as a surprise. Can someone please explain?

Thanks much!