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Dec 11, 2008 at 03:01 PM

Problems using very large XSD in Message Mapping - POSLog



I am trying to build a message mapping based on an external definition (.xsd) downloaded from the ARTS webpage (Association for Retail Technology Standards). In PI (7.0) I am able to succesfully create an External Definition based on the downloaded XSD. The resulting external definition syntax checks ok and contains the message type POSLog.

Next I try to create a message mapping using the external definition as the source message type. This is where it all starts to wrong. When I select the external definition as the source message type PI seems unable to complete the task, I get an hour glass. No matter how long I leave it in this state, it never comes back.

I'm thinking because the xsd is so large PI is having problems trying to render the mapping. I am working over a VPN but cannot see any network traffic. Windows task manager shows that process javaws is taking up the majority of the processing. My laptop slows to a crawl until I kill the repository. Though my laptop only has 504Mb of RAM we have another with 1Gb which has the same problem.

Any ideas? The exact same xsd can be downloaded from...

ARTS Standards -> ARTS XML

All public shemas -> download

download the POSLog schema (which is free) not the documentation.

Any help appreciated.