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Dec 11, 2008 at 12:12 PM

Integration of BRM within BPM does not work



I am working on a demo that shows the integration of BRM within BPM. A simple scenario with a gateway to decide for automatic or manual approval. I would like to use BRM to decide what to do: automatic or manual. For example: if amount <=25 then set status to automatic.

Unfortunately I can't get it to work. I took the examples I got on this years TechEd (BPM262), but this doesn't work at home 😔

I also read through the blogs from Julius (BRM integration in BPM (XML Schema)), but these look very complicated. In my opinion it must be able to use business rules without any line of coding (despite what is stated in Julius blogs).

Ruleset trials and questions

- What is the returntype: the context or the parameter you want to be judged or returned?

- What are the parameters: context or the parameters you want to use?

- What is the result: context or the parameter you want to return?

- Why is it not possible to change the Overview tab, once you have created the ruleset?

- How to implement within the process, I used the mapping activity, but I either get an error at selecting the ruleset, or I get an error during runtime (nullpointer).

The concept is very powerfull but I feel that the integration of BRM within BPM is not finished yet. Am I missing something? Anyone implemented a business rule within a process without any line of coding?

Kind regards