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Dec 11, 2008 at 11:39 AM

Database connection error using ADO.NET DataSets



I created a Windows application to print reports with Crystal Reports. Instead of accessing my MS Access Database directly, I used a ADO.NET DataSet Schema as my datasource for the reports. I followed the Crystal Reports Tutorial to creat a DataSet Schema, populate the Dataset with data from my MS Access database, create reports that connect to the DataSet schema.

To cross check if the reports work correctly, I usually make a similar report directly accessing the Access Database. My problem is, e.g. I create a report with 5 tables from the Access Database. Then I create the same report using the DataSet and link/join the tables in the same manner as in the Access Database. But sometimes, I got the error "Unknown Database Connector Error" or "Failed to retreive data from the database". It seems to me that ADO.NET doesn't support some of the JOINS and table linking as in the "real" database.

Has anyone got the same problem? Is it a limitation of ADO.NET DataSet or a limitation of CR using ADO.NET?

Working environment:

- CR 2008

- VB.NET 2005

Your help is much appreciated. Thank you very much.

Best regards,