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Deleting attributes of a Inactive Planning level

Hi experts,

I'm facing troubles, trying to delete attributes of a planning level on the Response planning area (actually is the standard planning level "PER").

I added all available (standard) attributes), in addition to "771-Opearational/Tactical Planni (5)" at the planning level "PER", and I saved changed.
I changed my mind, considering I made mistakes doing this.
I tried to delete those attributes marking "Mark as deletion" flag, but this is no possible (flag is blocked).
I tried to reactive the PA, but this is no possible because now there is an error due to my change on "PER" planning level.
It's even no possible to delete completely the planning level in object "PER" , because two Key figures are related to it (PERIODID and HKFPER).

So, what should I do now?
Do I have to redo all, starting from deleting KFs, then the planning level and at the end recreating all?
Thank in advance for your support.
Best regards,


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    May 22, 2018 at 04:38 PM


    looks as if your major problem at the moment is that you cannot activate the planning area at all, right?

    For that purpose I usually go into the planning area configuration tab, mark the planning area and click on the deletion button (third from top right) and activate.

    That sounds horrible as you fear that the whole planning area is getting deleted.

    But if there was an active planning area before, it re-set's the planning area to the last active version.

    For sure, make a backup before that.

    And bye the way, in the backup you can easily do all changes BEFORE you start the activation.


    If you then have the planning area active again, what is the target for deletion? the whole planning level, or just delete the attributes?.

    If you want to delete the attributes from the complete planning area, you can do that directly in the planning area without the need to remove from planning level first.

    If you want to delete the attributes only from the planning level, but you do not have any key figures left on that planning level, than you have another problem as you cannot activate that (at least that was not possible in the 17... releases - but why would you need the planning level left at all?)


    And I assume you are aware that you FIRST need to click on the deletion button at the top of the planning level (third from the right) before you can mark an attribute for deletion?

    And if you have not loaded any data and are at the beginning of the project, it may be easier to just use a copy of your planning area and exchange that in the "settings for order based planning"

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