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Dec 10, 2008 at 06:48 PM

WAD - Map Item - How to modify class ranges?


I am trying to create a template in WAD, and want to include a map item to display data by country. I am using a CS map renderer, and if I use the default class definitions, everything is fine, but I want to define my own ranges. I have specified that I want to use three classes, and I'm trying to set the values in the "List of Class Limits" by setting the upper class limits. My data is percentages, so I want to create three classes (< 0%, 0-5%, >5%).

I would think that the right way to do this would be to create three classes and specify two upper class limits of 0 and 5. No matter what I try, it seems that the template just picks it's own ranges. Am I specifying the ranges incorrectly, or is this just not possible?

Here is the resulting XHTML for my map item:

                <bi:MAP_ITEM name="MAP_ITEM_1" designheight="400" designwidth="928" >
                    <bi:WIDTH value="928" />
                    <bi:HEIGHT value="400" />
                    <bi:MAPLAYER_LIST type="ORDEREDLIST" >
                        <bi:MAPLAYER type="COMPOSITE" index="1" >
                            <bi:MAP_RENDERER value="CS" />
                            <bi:DATA_PROVIDER_REF value="DP_1" />
                            <bi:LINKED_DATA_PROVIDER_REF_LIST type="ORDEREDLIST" >
                                <bi:LINKED_DATA_PROVIDER_REF index="1" value="DP_1" />
                            <bi:CLASSES value="3" />
                            <bi:COLOR_SETTINGS type="COMPOSITE" >
                                <bi:COLOR_START value="#FF8080" />
                                <bi:COLOR_END value="#80FF80" />
                                <bi:COLOR_INTERPOLATION value="HSB" />
                            <bi:EXCEPTIONS_VISIBLE value="" />
                            <bi:VISIBLE value="X" />
                            <bi:LEGEND_VISIBLE value="" />
                            <bi:COLOR_LIST type="ORDEREDLIST" >
                                <bi:COLOR index="1" value="#FF8080" />
                                <bi:COLOR index="2" value="#FFFF80" />
                                <bi:COLOR index="3" value="#80FF80" />
                            <bi:BREAK_LIST type="ORDEREDLIST" >
                                <bi:BREAK index="1" value="0" />
                                <bi:BREAK index="2" value="5" />
                            <bi:BREAKS_DISTRIBUTED value="" />
                    <bi:PROJECTION value="FLAT" />