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Dec 10, 2008 at 06:04 PM

Batch Derivation - No sender found during manual derivation & order release



I'm trying to simulate the batch derivation functionality but couldn't get it work. I have used both manual and release production order derivation events.

Necessary configuration is setup including batch where used list and related derivation configuration.

I have setup the condition records as follows (it is based on pull derivation; 1 receiver and n sender)

For sender condition, I have condition record based on receiving + sending material combination, in which I defined two sending materials (both HALB) along with the receiving material (FERT). VFDAT (SLED) is my field attribute.

For recipient condition, I have condition record based on material number, which is the same FERT material. VFDAT (SLED) is my field attribute and standard rules have been maintained.

Both HALB materials have batches with VFDAT (SLED) dates.

For manual derivation, I created a batch for the FERT without any VFDAT data in it and I'm trying to run DVMAN transaction for this FERT batch to invoke derivation, but it errors with two messages "No sender found for attribute VFDAT" & "The system did not find any sending batches".

I tried using a production order release as well, but it's the same problem.

Any thoughts as to why it is not working??