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Former Member
Dec 10, 2008 at 05:25 PM

PS Budget Availability Control and Assigned Funds


Hi All,

I have an issue as following.

I created a WBS and assigned an order to the WBS. Now I put the $1000 budget on my WBS element and turned on my availability control. I cut a $800 PR against order. When I ran CJ31, I found the total budget was $1000 and assigned fund was $800. Then I closed the PR, but the assigned fund on WBS is still $800. It seems the order wouldn't return the assigned fund back to the WBS although it doesn't have any commitment or actual. Only when I TECO the order, the $800 will be released from order and WBS's assigned fund will become 0.

So my question is whether there is anyway to release the $800 fund back to WBS without TECO the order?

I will really appreciate your help!