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Dec 10, 2008 at 04:23 PM

Excel OLE2 Automation: Uploading different WorkSheets


Hi all,

I am using OLE2 to Upload Excel-Data from Workstation. everything works fine.

But now there is a new requironment:

The user want to upload the content of different Workseets within one EXCEL Sheet.

So therefore I need a method to select each of these sheets.

In VB works fine 😊

Whitch Method can I use?

Here is a part of my coding:

*:--- open file in Excel

if go_excel-header = space or go_excel-handle = -1.

create object go_excel 'Excel.Application'.


call method of go_excel 'Workbooks' = go_wbook.

call method of go_wbook 'Open' exporting #1 = iv_file.

and so on ...

Many thanks in advance